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May 22, 2012 2:00pm PDT
in the united states. let high-speed rail, new airsick -- new air-traffic control system. the results of that will be people working, earning good money, and buying things. the companies will say they can sell things because the people now have money. tavis: since we're talking about how we as a nation can do better, and you were talking about the tea party, i wonder what you have to say about the fact that there is this sense that the tea party has tapped into that the government is the problem. give me just a taste of your philosophy and how we respond to those who believe that part of the problem in this country, on the left and right, that government gets in the way. >> i do not agree with that. i think government is the collective expression of boulevard that is, quite frankly. if you look at government, people do want to eliminate government, you take medicine? how did you know it is safe? if you drive on highways, you take mass transit, you go to national parks. it is all bad. you get a social security check, medicare check, you feel safe because you are protected by the defens
May 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
in the middle east. it is clearly something that certain mainly conservative groups in the united states would like to do. they miss the the old days when men were men and women or nothing. the problem with freedom is that you just can't go back. once people see what it means to be free, you can't go back. they will keep nattering on about this or that and maybe they will make another stab at defunding the fabulous planned parenthood or something of a sort. to my mind, it is not going to work. tavis: how do you see these issues playing out on the campaign trail? you know you are at about liberal and if governor romney is the presumptive nominee, how will these issues play out? how does this play out on the campaign trail? >> i think it was one of his chief advisers that said that after the primary season is over, he is going to shake the etch a sketch and start the clock running again. and if i had to guess what the new at to sketch a picture is going to be like, it is going to be considerably less to the right. it he has backed himself into a couple of corners that i don't think will serve hi
May 8, 2012 2:00pm PDT
states, there are only the united states. if we are all raised in this country, under this same flag, and we seem to care about certain things, like the issue of poverty, how is it we end up seeing the way forward on these issues so different? >> it would be nice to believe there are no red states and blues states but there obviously are. even in the same states, like new york, you have some liberal parts. but most of the state is more conservative. we are not really one nation. we have some things in common but we have created these moro communities. the metaphor, the matrix is a mutual hallucination. left and right have become these closed world's, gated communities, which are like the matrix. either you are raised with respect for authority and patriotism, love of the founding fathers, or was he sensed that there is oppression and racism and the good fight is one that fights for the rights of the oppressed. i think we are not raised in one more community. tavis: you argue that republicans are voting their moral self interest when they go to the polls. why is that true of republica
May 11, 2012 2:00pm PDT
office, and in some ways, it is easier to be president of the united states as a black man than it is to get a tv pilot made in this town. what do you make of that, even after all of these years of your success? >> it is crazy. it absolutely on no level makes sense. and i think television history eliminates for us that there are universal experiences, and there is no reason why there cannot be a lot more divorce, the on network television that has something for all audiences. there is a universal appeal to "modern family," so, yes, that is great that there is a little diversity in that show. there is not a lot, and there is room for a lot more. it is crazy. i continue to put those ideas together, go out into the marketplace, and present those two networks. and it is foolish from a business perspective. you are in broadcasting. you still want, your goal is a minimum of 10 million people to watch. guess what? what do those eyeballs look like? tavis: as you know, with broadcasting, it is often more narrow casting. so many great shows covered in this book. "law and order." what do y
May 18, 2012 2:00pm PDT
have happened if you married that i. she said he would have been the president of the united states. >> it is also true in the reverse. it works both ways. tavis: what are you most grateful for with regard to your daughter and this process? >> a number of things. she was impacted by the conversation she had with condoleezza rice, a pass in four languages and cultures. she wants to study linguistics and anthropology. it positions her to be a world leader and changes the way she thinks of herself. she started a model u.n. club and is looking at world issues. what she was so impact and by the poverty. we came out of a restaurant and kids started fighting over who was going to get the dog the bag. it was so tough that she did not want to walk away. that is the reason we committed to partner with opportunity international, a woman who is featured in the book. we partnered to raise awareness and money for helping women leaders around the world. i know you have a leadership camp that you do and you teach you do not walk away from a problem. darcy decided we can do this. there is more infor
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)